Video MP4 Converter Online FREE: Surprising Advantages [Updated]

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MP4 is a common video format and supports most video-sharing platforms, browsers, etc. 

Therefore, MP4 converter online tools will be beneficial a lot to you and help your file be compatible with those platforms. 

Is it easy to use or is there any fee to install it? Those questions will be answered in this article, so do not miss it!

Free online MP4 converter

Free online MP4 converter

History of the MP4 format

Introduced in 2001, MP4, a short form of MPEG-4, is a big contribution of Apple. It was one of the earliest digital video file formats in that period. 

At the first introduction time, it was followed by a standard ISO/IEC 14496-1:2001. A few years passed, and it changed to standard ISO/IEC 14496-14:2003. 

Initially, Apply invented this format for the Apple QuickTime Players. 

After a time, due to its features, the MP4 format is used on many famous video players such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, GOM Player, and VLC. 

Apply initially invented this format for the Apple QuickTime Players

Apply initially invented this format for the Apple QuickTime Players

Moreover, although both the MP4 and MOV formats are designed to work well in QuickTime Environment, the MP4 is still preferred. 

The reason is that it can operate through various types of platforms, even MACs. 

Benefits of the MP4 format

Why is the MP4 converter online used a lot? Why do people often convert MP4 to MP3? Which advantage does the MP4 format bring in? 

Here is the strength of the MP4 format: 

Reasons to use MP4 video format

Reasons to use MP4 video format

So why is the video to MP4 converter online used a lot? One of the reasons is that the original file format preserved the nearly same quality after converting:

  • It is an excellent choice for capturing content with a high level of motion. It provides clear, precise, and sharp imaging, making it ideal for any type of video recording.

  • This format is supported by the majority of video-related applications.

  • It is the most suitable option for online video formatting or streaming.

Free MP4 Converter Online: VidConverter

Similar to MOV in many aspects, the MP4 is used widely; it is even compatible with MAC. 

On the Internet, it can be easy to see it everywhere. Running video or other types of video content, the MP4 seems to be always supported. 

Due to its great benefits, many tools have appeared to help you convert video to MP4 online, such as VidConverter, EasyHTML5Video converter, Cloudconvert, Inovideoapp, etc. 

These MP4 video converter online tools enable you to convert MP4 to MP3 online, or any video file format.

 There are many online convert MP4

There are many online convert MP4

As a reliable and free video online converter to MP4 format, Vidconverter can help you convert MP4 online. 

This offers surprising advantages to users, ensuring to bring in customers the best service possible. 

In fact, many people trust and use this free video converter for a lot of reasons such as:

Save money

On AppStore, CHPlay, or other application platforms, there are many paid online video converter tools, which can be good or bad. 

However, users will not need to pay any fee to use this tool.

Vidconverteronline allows you to convert videos with good quality and does not offer any upgrade package or require any fee to convert. Absolutely free!

VidCoverter is a free online MP4 convert

VidCoverter is a free online MP4 convert

Save time

The converting process occurs quickly, thus it saves you a lot of time.

Depending on the length of the video or file size, it can take you a minute or some minutes to complete the conversion. 

However, it is commented to be one of the fastest and best free video converter.

Easy to use

With a simple interface, it is easy for users to use it for the first time. 

If you want to convert MP4 to MP3 online free, convert MP4 to WAV online, or convert MP4 online YouTube or other video-sharing online platforms like IG, Facebook, just paste the video URL and convert. 

The video quality is chosen automatically but you can select it by yourself from 240p, 360p, 480p, HD 720p, and even HD 1080p. 

VidConverter has a user-friendly interface

VidConverter has a user-friendly interface

Support 200+ video/audio formats

There are a lot of video formats as well as audio formats that are supported for different platforms and browsers. 

With this online video converter to MP4, you can completely find video formats to convert. They may be MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc.

High-quality converted video files

When converting, the wanted-to-convert video file is compressed and converted. In general, the quality of the video can be affected at a certain level. 

However, thanks to a high-quality video processing algorithm along with nonstop improvements, this tool ensures the video quality will not be influenced too much, at just minimum damage.

VidConverter creates high quality converted videos

VidConverter creates high quality converted videos

High security

On whichever MP4 YouTube converter online free, security is always one of the most common concerns. 

Many people worry that their videos can be stored and leaked to an outside platform unexpectedly. 

Understanding this worry, the developers of the Vidconverteronline appreciated the security issue. 

The main server will only temporarily store your converting files and after the conversion, they will be deleted immediately and permanently. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can I convert a video using VLC?

Yes, you can.

Click the Start Menu and launch VLC Player. Select the Media > Convert / Save option from the menu bar. 

After selecting the desired file to convert, click the Add button. Select Save or Convert.

Can VLC play in MP4 format?
Almost all video file types are supported by the widely used VLC Media Player, including MP4.
Why is MP4 an unsupported format?

The primary cause of an unsupported video format is an inadequate set of codecs. Files that have the necessary information to either encode or decode data are called codecs.

In other words, the fundamental component of a file is its codec. It won't play on your device if your file doesn't include the necessary codecs.


The MP4 format is used widely and the MP4 converter online is a really helpful converter tool. It allows users to convert MP4 files to other video file formats and converse. This means that by converting to a compatible format, you can upload or play videos on any platform you want. That’s so great!

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