How to Fix Bad Quality Videos? Apply 8 Easy & Effective Methods

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Poor-quality videos are, of course, frustrating to watch. They can be blurry, shaky, out-of-sync, or have some other visual issues. 

Congrats! You’ve come to the right place.

This article will provide how to fix bad quality videos and make them crisp, sharp, and clear as well as some neat tricks to improve your bad quality videos. 

Let’s get started!

How to fix the quality of a video?

How to fix the quality of a video?

Common Video-Related Issues

We will first discuss some typical video quality concerns before moving on to how to fix video quality. 

Continue reading to find out more about the several problems that might arise with poor quality video.

Choppy & jerky videos

The choppy or jerky videos can be with your downloaded or recorded videos.

They can be caused by corrupt memory cards, SD cards, and camera bugs while capturing the videos.

How to make low quality videos better? You can try playing your video in another media player or updating your PC drivers. 

Choppy & jerky video

Choppy & jerky video

Blurry videos

Blurry videos are attributed to multiple reasons such as insufficient disk space, incompatible media player, or defective encoding. 

Watching blurry videos is just annoying. 

Thus, you should choose the best video file formats like MP4, which guarantees getting a video with HD quality while having a low file size. 

If your video file is not .mp4, you can use an online video converter like VidConverter.

It will enable you to convert video files to mp4 without effort.

Moreover, choose 1080p and 720p for the dimension of screen resolution when you record HD video to fix bad quality videos.

A blurry video

A blurry video

Shaky videos

It is difficult and frustrating to watch sharky videos, especially when watching them on larger screens. 

So, it’s very necessary to know how to make bad video quality better as soon as possible.

Pixelated videos

A pixelated video

A pixelated video

Encountered by numerous people, grainy video ruins their video-seeing experience. 

Various reasons cause video footage to turn grainy or have low video quality. Luckily, it is not too challenging to fix pixelated videos.

What Causes Bad Quality Videos?

If you are asking “why is my video quality so bad?”, check out the following factors:

Things that make video bad quality

Things that make video bad quality

  • Low resolution: Detail loss and poor image quality can occur while dealing with or recording from low-resolution videos.

  • Compression artifacts: A video's overall quality may be diminished by highly compressed videos displaying blocky or fuzzy artifacts.

  • Poor lighting conditions: Video that is noisy or underexposed may be the consequence of insufficient or uneven illumination.

  • Shaky footage: Jittery or fuzzy videos can be caused by camera vibrations or unsteady hands during recording.

  • Incorrect camera settings: Poor video quality might result from incorrect focus, exposure settings, or white balance.

  • Inadequate encoding or exporting settings: Video quality might suffer from incorrect settings used while encoding or exporting.

How To Fix Bad Quality Videos?

There are various ways to make video quality bad to be better. Below, we introduce 8 of the most common methods. 

Let’s check them out!

#1: Use video editing software

You may be surprised by the enormous advantages of a video editing tool. It not only merges, trims, or applies special effects but also removes the video flaws. 

Furthermore, you can use this software to enhance the quality of jerky or shaky videos. 

Many tools allow you to repair video resolution online, adjust contrast, brightness, filters, sharpening, saturation, sound, and video noise, etc.

Using video editing software is a good video quality fixer

Using video editing software is a good video quality fixer

#2: Use plugins

Using plugins is one of the best ways when it comes to how to make a bad quality video better. 

They let you eliminate speckles, color banding, noise in video clips, and other video issues. You can also correct and process color. 

There are a few popularly used plugins such as Plural Eye, Red Giant Magic Bullet, Denoiser, Beauty Box, Neat Video, Cinemartin Denoiser, etc.

#3: Update the graphics driver

How to fix quality of video? 

Updating the graphics driver of the system to the latest version can help improve video color, sound, brightness, and more. 

There are many bad quality video makers

There are many bad quality video makers

#4: Download the video again

Video bad quality can be caused by abrupt system shutdown or any other interruption while downloading the videos. 

Hence, we recommend downloading or transferring the videos again from the source to your preferred location.

If this method doesn’t work, then try the next one to make videos bad quality better.

#5: Change the video codec

Change the video codec

Change the video codec

The incompatible codec or the incorrect codec in the system can be responsible for jerky, shaky videos. 

To fix poor video quality issues, try to change the codec. This should improve your videos.

#6: Repair corrupted storage device 

To resolve poor quality videos, first try repairing the damaged storage device used to store your video files. Here are the steps:

  • Type the “cmd” in the search

  • Now, you see the command prompt, right-click on it

  • Choose “Run as administrator“

  • Type the command “chkdsk [volume] /r”

#7: Change the video resolution 

Change video resolution

Change video resolution

Enhancing the video resolution is one of the best methods as to how to make videos low quality become better.

The higher resolution of your video is the higher the video quality. This also improves picture quality.

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#8: Use video repair tool

Another way to fix quality of video is using the Video Repair Tool. 

This software helps fix videos stored in the memory card, SD card, Pen drive, external hard drive, and more. 

You can use it to repair corrupted, choppy, jerky, broken video files. It not only repairs video files but also fixes other audio and video file formats.

Use a video repair tool

Use a video repair tool

Follow the below steps to resolve the poor video quality.

  • Step 1: Launch Video Repair software. Click on 'Add Files' to add video files you want to fix.

  • Step 2: Click on the 'Repair' button to start the process. 

  • Step 3: Click on 'Preview' to preview the fixed video file and click on the 'Save Repaired Files' button to save it at your desired location.

How to Fix Blurry Videos on iPhone?

There are several ways in which you will learn how to fix a video quality on iPhone.

Get the details below:

Use video enhancer apps

Video enhancer app

Video enhancer app

Video enhancer apps are great for those who have ever been concerned about how to make videos bad quality better on an iPhone. 

They are capable of improving video resolution, reducing shake, eliminating background noise, as well as enhancing lighting and contrast. 

Below are some of the most popular video enhancer apps for iPhone.

  • Pinnacle Studio Pro

  • InShot

  • Videoshop

  • Enlight Videoleap

  • LumaFX

Use Messaging applications

Use Messaging applications to improve video quality

Use Messaging applications to improve video quality

You can take advantage of third-party messaging applications to fix the issue of blurry videos.

These applications will allow you to edit the video as per your choice before uploading it to Facebook or YouTube.

Download Videos from iCloud

iCloud is one of the most effective services on your iPhone, which lets you share your videos. 

Hence, you can upload your videos in a standard format and download them anywhere. 

During the transfer, there will be no compromises with the video resolution or size.

Download videos from iCloud

Download videos from iCloud

Use Dropbox

Another way to repair pixelated video is uploading videos on Dropbox through your iPhone. 

By doing this, you can save space on your mobile handset and download the same-quality video on your iPhone and watch it when you’re offline.

Now, you can download the high-quality video from Dropbox to your iPhone.

Use Dropbox to download your videos

Use Dropbox to download your videos

How to Test the Video Quality?

There is no denying the importance of high-quality images, thus it is imperative to properly record, edit, compress, and transfer high-quality ones. 

Numerous problems with video quality may be found and fixed quickly. Users may assess and evaluate video quality for this.

The steps below might help you get insight into your video if you don't want to utilize any tools for video analysis.

  • Step 1: Select the video file you want to assess so that you can check its resolution and other features. Right-click on the video and choose the Properties option by tapping on it.

Select Properties

Select Properties

  • Step 2: You will see a screen appear; select the Details tab.

Select Details tab

Select Details tab

  • Step 3: Here you'll see every aspect of the video. You can troubleshoot that using an authentic tool if any improvement is needed.

Now you can check the video resolution

Now you can check the video resolution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Can poor quality video be improved?
Yes, you may adjust the resolution first if you want to improve the quality of the video. You can do this by using a different tool or by using a better camera when recording.
Why do videos lose quality?
Video files can lose quality for a variety of reasons, including Internet streaming, compression, file transfer limitations, and download/upload cycles.
Can blur be removed?
An Unblur Image tool is a software program that can quickly convert blurry images into sharp, high-definition ones in a couple of seconds by using advanced algorithms.

Final Thoughts

There's more to making an engaging video than merely pressing the record button. Knowing what affects the quality of your video is essential, whether you're a content creator looking up to your game or an aspiring filmmaker. So, we hope this article on how to fix bad quality videos will help you resolve the issues and make such videos play smoothly on your devices.

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