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Invented in 1984, video format has been favored and developed by many people. According to a study by IHS, in 2012, Americans had no longer used DVD or Blue-ray combined too much, and instead, they were on track to watch more video streaming over the Internet. It is said that consumers paid to legally stream over 3.4 billion movies online, 1 billion more than physical media in 2012!

For the first time, video format (H.120) just had a max resolution of 176 x 144 and a pithy 2 Mbps, but it was really a breakthrough, premise for the digital video industry. Year by year, after many trials, innovations with the H.120 digital video format, it is comfortable to stream very high-quality videos and movies all over the world.

To know the growth of online streaming video, Let’s read a history/overview of digital file formats. Enjoy it!

video formatvideo formatvideo format

Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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