Your Nightmares Will Start With The First AI-Made Video

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AI art has advanced considerably in a short period of time. 

However, some of the finest commercial applications we've seen have been mocking the technology specifically to show the value of the human touch.

Also, it dispels concerns that AI-generated pictures may displace human artists.

This is the first advertisement we've seen that uses AI-generated video, and it was done by a creative firm for a hotel chain.

We've never seen a text-to-video advertisement before, but this one for citizenM hotels does. 

You'll have nightmares after watching the first AI-made video

You'll have nightmares after watching the first AI-made video

Using the recently released program Runway Gen-2, it was developed by the company KesselsKramer London and "AI photographer" A.I.S.A.M. (also known as Sam Finn).

The dread of outmoded, identical hotels is shown in a terrifying AI-generated video. 

There are cloned concierges, horrifying visitors, nauseous banquets, and, of course, a shower scene that is more gruesome than the Psycho shower scene. 

This terror is meant to be contrasted with citizenM, which bills itself as a straightforward and human-centric luxury hotel brand.

"We want to inspire visitors to come into the lively embrace of a citizenM hotel rather than the gloomy world of AI-generated mediocrity.

Our kind and inviting ambassadors there will facilitate real human interaction, according to chief brand officer Robin Chadha.

"AI is treated as a science, but there's more art to it than people realize, or at least talk about," continued creative director Dave Bell. 

We are really motivated by this initiative to figure out how to exploit the tools and produce something original.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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