HitPaw Video Converter V2.7: AI Noise Remover & Blu-ray DVD Converter

May 29, 2023 - Views: 869

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Many users were aided by AI in the most recent version of HitPaw Video Converter to remove the vocals from music. 

With AI Noise Remover for HitPaw Video Converter V2.7.0, background noise will be automatically eliminated to improve the experience of capturing video and audio. 

Also, Blu-ray DVD conversion is now supported by HitPaw Video Converter.

HitPaw Video Converter V2.7 major updates

HitPaw Video Converter V2.7 major updates

HitPaw Video Converter V2.7.0's Standout Features

  • AI Noise Remover

Static, echo, and wind noise may all be readily removed from videos' background noise with the help of Noise Remover. 

AI will automatically reduce background noise from video and audio once you import recording files, allowing you to use them in higher-quality applications.

  • Blue-Ray DVD Converter

The Blue-Ray DVD typically features viewing restrictions and a requirement for a Blue-Ray player. 

You may play videos in a variety of places by converting DVDs to MP4, RMVB, MOV, and WMV without sacrificing any quality. 

This eliminates the need for Blue-Ray Player.

Other Optimized Features

  • Video Player Supports Screenshot

  • Optimize Intel GPU Acceleration

  • Support time input in video cropping

  • Video Player Supports Screenshot

Stay tuned for Vidconverter for more interesting news!

Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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