MatchpointAI By Cineverse For Video Streaming Optimization

Jul 31, 2023 - Views: 1042

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According to Cineverse Corp, a leading global provider of streaming entertainment and technology, MatchpointAI has been released.

This innovative marketplace and platform powered by AI are going to change the streaming industry forever.

To prepare, optimize, and future-proof their content using the power of AI, it offers producers of video content, streaming platforms, and OEMs a simple-to-use solution.

MatchpointAI by Cineverse

MatchpointAI by Cineverse

A significant development in video streaming technology, MatchpointAI is a creative fusion of Cineverse's in-house AI technologies with a variety of already-integrated third-party AI products. 

It makes use of Cineverse's in-house enterprise-grade content processing platform, DispatchTM, to give content providers and streaming services access to market-leading capabilities that can replace costly, time-consuming manual work in preparing film and television assets for international distribution. 

Companies face significant challenges in scaling the processing of even modest-sized video collections with more than 4,500 streaming services across 180 countries.

Also, they will be given a premium, cost-effective way by MatchpointAI to scale global content processing and distribution at significantly lower error rates and prices.

Meanwhile, they can develop content libraries for the implementation of the next generation. 

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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