BENlabs Unveils AI-Driven Shorts and Vertical Video Tool

Aug 04, 2023 - Views: 1949

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A new AI-driven feature in BENlabs' TubeBuddy SaaS platform, TubeBuddy suggested shorts and vertical video tool, was just released.

Through short-form films, it assists over 13M creators and brands in raising audience engagement and income.

The BENlabs team released this solution in response to the recent revelation that YouTube is now monetizing short-form videos to strategically increase audience and income. 

High-engagement long-form video moments can be turned into short-form video content using the TubeBuddy suggested shorts and vertical video product, which offers sage ideas and tools for doing so. 

BENlabs' AI-driven suggestions and user-friendly interface can be used by both brands and creators to promote their channels and generate income across all short-form video platforms.

BENlabs launches AI-driven suggested Shorts and vertical video tool

BENlabs launches AI-driven suggested Shorts and vertical video tool

72% of the creators who used the new tool during beta testing said they would be dissatisfied if they were not given permanent access to this functionality. 

Also, many test users found the insights into audience behavior to be helpful.

They even felt that the insights boosted their capacity to produce successful shorts and satisfied their desire for tools that could assist them in making short-form and vertical films for social media platforms.

According to Austin Armstrong, creator of the Socialty Pro YouTube channel, "The TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts tool shows you exactly when to turn a video into a short based on how long those people are watching that video."

It's the best chance you've ever had to expand your channel on YouTube.

According to Tyler Folkman, chief technology and AI officer at BENlabs, "AI can frequently spot opportunities that human observers would overlook. 

We want to give our creators and brands access to that power." 

Shorts are an opportunity at the top of the funnel, therefore it's a chance to increase the audience with already-created content.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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