Fake Videos to Appear on Facebook, TikTok and Youtube

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The deepfake scam, which has been long anticipated, is already active on social media. 

On popular social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, fake videos of celebrities advertising fake services have started to gather some popularity.

Over 50 movies with computer-altered photos and audio of well-known persons were posted to such websites last week, according to NBC News. 

All of the videos looked to have been made to scam viewers out of money.

Most of them were focused on Elon Musk, with fabricated footage of many news and television personalities.

It includes CBS News anchor Gayle King, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and HBO host Bill Maher—claiming Musk had created a cutting-edge investment platform.

Most of the videos went on to include a similarly deepfaked Musk urging viewers to put money into the fictitious platform.

Deepfake scams to spread on social media platforms

Deepfake scams to spread on social media platforms

Musk, the founder of X, has previously supported several cryptocurrencies, which has made him very well-liked by con artists who exploit his reputation for their own advantage. 

There is no proof that Musk was involved in any way with the videos.

When asked about the videos through email, Musk said, "Ugh, I can't believe you sent me Facebook links."

At first, the technique required using two computer programs, and processing took 56 hours.

Experts warn that these videos are no longer the most modern version of these frauds. 

They also cautioned that scammers are impersonating famous people on video chats with potential victims by employing real-time deepfake algorithms.

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