YouTube Introduces AI-Powered Music Ads To Reach Gen Z

Aug 07, 2023 - Views: 1838

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YouTube has traditionally been a top choice for music lovers, especially Gen Z, as the festival season gets underway.

They visit YouTube to interact with a variety of content, including vlogs, performance highlights, and fashion inspiration.

Yet, Gen Z listens to music in a distinctive way.

Gen Z viewers between the ages of 18 and 24 tend to divide their viewing time among several video forms, with no more than 22% of their viewing time going to any one format, according to research firm TalkShoppe.

This presents a challenge to brands who want to reach this audience well.

AI-powered music ad solutions by YouTube

AI-powered music ad solutions by YouTube

In this regard, Gen Z Music and a Trending Music on Shorts pilot are two new music ad options that YouTube has introduced in answer to this challenge.

These solutions help brands connect with the music that Gen Z listens to the most, including modern artists like Doechii, Bad Bunny, and Rosala, as well as timeless favorites like Cyndi Lauper and up-and-coming underground acts.

The Gen Z Music bundle uses AI-powered signals from YouTube to find songs that Gen Z audiences are listening to.

The package, which is available in long-form and audio formats, enables brands to match their commercials to songs that Gen Z consumers find appealing.

Advertisers can build a deep relationship with Gen Z by surrounding the music that audience members of this generation play repeatedly.

In the upcoming months, the Trending Music on Shorts test will begin, giving advertisers another chance to connect with Gen Z.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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