Vimeo Has Added AI Tools For An Easier Video Creation

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The video-sharing and editing platform Vimeo has announced that it is integrating a set of AI tools that will automate most of the video-editing process. 

An AI script generator, a teleprompter, and even a text-based video editor are among the features available. 

As a result, the use of AI in video expands accessibility to new levels. 

According to Vimeo's Ashraf Alkarmi, chief product officer, anyone or any organization can now create interesting, expert content quickly and without any prior production knowledge. 

In keeping with its name, the script generator will create an entire video script from user inputs, including tone and duration. 

Vimeo’s AI tools bring some benefits

Vimeo’s AI tools bring some benefits

Besides, Vimeo is introducing a teleprompter function that will provide an integrated script display to the platform to make it easier to record the video with the created script. 

The teleprompter's speed and font size can be adjusted, just like in a real TV studio. 

Last but not least, the post-production edit is often the part of making a video that takes the longest. 

Thus, Vimeo will soon offer a text-based video editor to save users' time and make the editing process simpler for novices. 

With the click of a button, this function will allow users to automatically remove filler words, protracted pauses, and other unnecessary parts, negating the need to go through and edit every single word individually. 

These features will be accessible in July and will be included in Vimeo's Standard and Pro subscription plans for free trials. 

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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