New Script Generator Tool for TikTok Makes Use of AI

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TikTok has utilized generative AI, like many other social media networks, to make marketing for companies easier.  

The new Script Generator tool for TikTok leverages AI to quickly produce scripts for advertisements. 

To get a personalized script for videos, the user only needs to choose an industry and provide the name and description of a product. 

TikTok's new Script Generator tool

TikTok's new Script Generator tool

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In this regard, a Zdnet writer decided to test this feature.

She chose "Food and Beverage" as the industry, gave the item the name of "straws," and stated that it was "meant for drinking." 

After hitting generate, the Script Generator quickly produces three different script possibilities. 

Along with speech, on-screen graphics, and text overlay possibilities, the scenes also included specific instructions. 

A script written by a new AI-powered script generator

A script written by a new AI-powered script generator

Users are advised to use the AI-produced scripts at their own risk because TikTok makes no "promises or guarantees" concerning the content that is generated, according to a banner at the top of the tool's page.  

This banner is probably there on TikTok to serve as a warning against the hallucinations that AI models are prone to, as well as the potential ramifications these hallucinations may have. 

This tool can be accessed in TikTok's Creative Center on the desktop and is free to use for any TikTok for Business Accounts. 

What is your opinion about this new feature of TikTok? Comment below to let us know!

Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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