A startup in New York is planning to release AI-Generated Videos

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The development of artificial intelligence has swept the globe. Also, it has significantly improved how we use the Internet.

The potential use of generative AI is text-to-image translation. Services like Dall-E and Stable Diffusion have produced images using AI.

The text-to-video generation idea is now emerging and is predicted to become the next great fad.

A startup based in New York called Runway is attempting to introduce AI-generated videos. 

Recently, the business unveiled its Gen 2 system for producing quick video snippets based on user-provided word prompts.

As an alternative, they might start from scratch and make a movie clip out of images.

According to Verge, the system will create a nearly 3-second video clip based on the request.

AI company Runway enters the game of text-to-video generation

AI company Runway enters the game of text-to-video generation

In an exclusive live demo, Runway co-founder and CEO Cris Valenzuela showed a brief excerpt based on the prompt “done footage of a desert landscape.”

Gen 2 created a brief video that was only a few seconds long in a matter of seconds. This change indicates that text-to-video is close to become a reality.

Not everyone can currently purchase the product.

On the exclusive Discord channel, users can register for a waitlist if they want to use this.

Later, the business will offer extensive access in the upcoming weeks.

Both Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Meta Platforms Inc. presented their own text-to-video initiatives last year. 

The brief video segments, for instance, showed a teddy bear doing the dishes. The tech behemoths haven't made any more declarations, though.

Gen 2 system is not yet available to everyone

Gen 2 system is not yet available to everyone

This is an intriguing breakthrough, and it will be great to see how the potential for text-to-video AI will affect the world in the years to come.

Stay tuned for Vidconverter to get further interesting news!

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