QuickVid uses AI to Make Voice-Over-Enabled, Brief Videos

Aug 11, 2023 - Views: 803

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Generative AI is on the way for videos. 

QuickVid is a brand-new website that combines various generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems into one application for automatically producing short YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat videos.

It selects a background video from a library, creates a screenplay and keywords, and overlays pictures produced by DALL-E 2.

Further, it adds a synthetic voiceover and incorporates background music from YouTube's royalty-free music collection based on as little as one word.

QuickVid uses AI to generate short-form videos, complete with voiceovers

QuickVid uses AI to generate short-form videos, complete with voiceovers

The founder of QuickVid, Daniel Habib, claims that the purpose of his business is to assist creators in satisfying the "ever-growing" demand from their audience.

"QuickVid helps creators improve their content output, lowering the risk of burnout, by providing them with tools to quickly and easily produce quality content," Habib said in an email interview with TechCrunch. 

By utilizing AI advances, "our mission is to empower your favorite creator to keep up with the demands of their audience."

However, depending on how they are applied, systems like QuickVid run the risk of oversaturating already saturated channels with duplicate and spammy content. 

Additionally, they risk criticism from content producers who choose not to use the tools due to cost ($10 per month) or philosophical objections, even if they may have to contend with an explosion of new AI-generated videos.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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