Google Introduces a New Method for Video Search Optimization

Jun 20, 2023 - Views: 837

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When videos are published on a creator's own website instead of YouTube, Google has a new method for optimizing them for search results.

It's now simpler for publishers to markup their videos for the "key moments" rich snippet, which enables searchers to jump right to particular video clips.

Adding timestamps to the video description of a YouTube video is all that is necessary to do this.

Google launches SeekToAction video markup

Google launches SeekToAction video markup

In the past, individually labeling each portion of the film before uploading it to the creator's website was more of a challenge.

To skip to a certain timestamp inside a movie, all website owners need to do at this point is inform Google of the URL pattern.

Then, Google will employ AI to recognize crucial sections of the video and present connections to those sections in search results.

This feature, known as SeektoAction, was first introduced earlier this year at Google I/O and has been in beta testing for a while.

Google is bringing the function out of testing and opening up support to all video-publishing websites.

Additionally, Google notes that the SeekToAction markup only applies to movies that are embedded on one's own website. Other third-party systems do not accept this markup.

Rather than using SeekToAction, site owners can utilize the Clip markup to manually identify significant times in videos if they'd like than have Google do it for them.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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