Text-to-Speech Platform by Writesonic is Now Available

Sep 15, 2023 - Views: 2061

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The future of integrated text and voice generation has arrived with the debut of Audiosonic from Writesonic, a pioneer in AI-powered content solutions. 

With Audiosonic, users can easily translate text into human-like audio within the same ecosystem.

It provides unmatched simplicity for creating conversion-optimized content for blog articles, adverts, etc.

The convergence of speech synthesis and content development has advanced thanks to this new solution.

Writesonic introduces text to text-to-speech platform Audiosonic

Writesonic introduces text to text-to-speech platform Audiosonic

Writesonic's founder and CEO, Samanyou Garg, stated, "We have always aimed to provide our users with comprehensive solutions.

We are combining lifelike text-to-speech abilities with conversion-optimized content development with Audiosonic.

Imagine using Writesonic to create a persuasive email or an interesting blog article, then using Audiosonic to instantly convert it into a human-like audio experience. 

That is what we are doing.”

Audiosonic improves customer service by powering chatbots and virtual assistants that provide quick responses to client inquiries. 

In addition, TTS is used in gaming to create immersive experiences and in marketing campaigns to create individualized speech messages. 

It is also essential to news broadcasting, navigation systems, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems because it enhances the effectiveness and interaction of information transmission.

As a result, Writesonic's extensive collection of AI-driven content production tools is improved with the addition of Audiosonic. 

Indeed, the integration of powerful text-to-speech features from Audiosonic with existing Writesonic platforms results in a one-stop shop for all content requirements.

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Rating: 5.0 - 51Votes



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