Instagram Lengthens Reels to Compete with TikTok & YouTube

Sep 11, 2023 - Views: 2131

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The current hard limit for these videos is 3 minutes.

However, screenshots given by Paluzzi show that this will be increased to 10 minutes in the near future.

This effectively turns the social media site into a more powerful video-sharing tool, similar to YouTube.

This change will also allow Meta’s Instagram to compete with viral TikTok, which already lets users submit videos up to 10 minutes long.

TikTok and Instagram appear to be locked in an ouroboros of mimicry, with one app frequently copying features first introduced by the other.

Instagram reportedly making Reels longer

Instagram reportedly making Reels longer

YouTube is headed in the opposite way as Instagram and TikTok compete for a piece of the long-form video pie.

It’s been making an effort to acquire traction in the short-form video space, most recently adding a suite of creator tools and a TikTok-style music discovery feed.

The days of labeling Instagram as the “photo one,” TikTok as the “short video one,” and YouTube as the “long video one” are long gone.

They all appear to want to be the “does everything one.”

As confirmed by Meta, the images leaked are real, but they are an “internal prototype” that is not being tested externally.

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