Google Deepmind Shows How AI Improves YouTube Shorts

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Google has been attempting to integrate AI technology into its ecosystem of desktop and mobile products. 

Popular platforms like YouTube are also part of that, as was emphasized in a recent video.

A Google Deepmind tweet demonstrates how the business is using its AI research to enhance YouTube Shorts. 

In order to make hundreds of millions of videos more searchable, the post demonstrates how AI is used to "automatically generate descriptions for them in their metadata."

Although the site now sees daily viewership resting at about 50 billion, this is an area that may perhaps enhance how YouTube Shorts are seen and found.

Still, one issue with these videos is that, due to the nature of the videos, they sometimes lack explanations and useful titles.

Google is using the "Flamingo" visual language model to produce user-generated descriptions as a means of addressing this. 

The Short's on-screen action will be described using frames from this model.

The Flamingo technology

The Flamingo technology

As users search for videos to watch, the AI-generated description will be converted into metadata and saved on YouTube to aid the platform in properly categorizing and recommending them.

All freshly uploaded Shorts already have these AI-generated descriptions, saving the producers of Shorts time and effort.

This is all done in the background to enhance the Shorts experience, Todd Sherman, the company's director of product management, stated to The Verge. 

He also emphasizes that it's being done ethically and in a way that makes the system more capable of comprehending the material.

Sherman told The Verge, "We don't provide it to creators, but there's a lot of effort going into ensuring that it's true. 

"It's quite unusual that a description paragraph is produced that somehow paints a negative picture of a film. We absolutely do not anticipate that result.

The Flamingo technology is one of Google's most recent AI initiatives on YouTube. 

Google Search, Workspace, and many other corporate products will soon have AI initiatives, positioning the company to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's Bing.

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