Beamr Introduces Beta Release of its Video Optimization Service

Jul 25, 2023 - Views: 775

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The much-anticipated video optimization solution from Beamr Imaging Ltd. has released its first beta edition. 

Modern technology is intended to be brought by Beamr's new file-to-file optimization service.

Users can test out Beamr's service for free to test the service as part of the beta launch. 

They will also have the option to process video footage for free during this phase up until 100GB in savings are reached. 

As a result, they can benefit directly from the impressive advantages of the Beamr optimization service. 

Users can sign up for the cloud-based application programming interface (API) and obtain the supporting documentation on the Beamr service to access the beta version. 

These APIs will allow automation at scale for customers while also making our service simple and secure to use.

Beamr announces beta release of its video optimization service

Beamr announces beta release of its video optimization service

The company will improve its previously announced service in Q3 2023 by integrating Beamr's Content-Adaptive Bitrate (CABR) optimization capabilities with Nvidia's NVENC Hardware accelerated video encoding. 

One of the fundamental innovations that distinguish Beamr's service from others is the use of the Emmy-winning CABR technology. 

It ensures video quality while drastically decreasing the video file size.

Dani Megrelishvili, the chief product officer of Beamr, highlighted the service's potential by saying: 

"Today at the launch of our service, we are happy to support a crucial use case. 

We offer video optimization while upholding the existing HEVC and AVC video standards. 

We also want to enable codec modernization in the near future, easing the switch from AVC to HEVC video. “

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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